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Welcome to our BAS Live On Earth Seoul Giveaway!!!

1st place will receive: a copy of B.A.P’s One Shot signed by Youngjae + Zelo photocard

2 runners up will receive: Matoki ring/pin, B.A.P sticker sheet, matoki sticker sheet

There are three ways to enter:

  1. Follow us here on tumblr. Reblog this giveaway post.
  2. Follow us on twitter. Retweet the giveaway tweet here.
  3. Subscribe to us on YouTube. Like the giveaway video and leave a comment  about the following: “Where would you like to see B.A.P perform Live on Earth next?”

And that’s it! You can enter once on each platform, and one winner will be chosen from each, at random. Please make sure we are able to contact you either via tumblr ask box, twitter DM, and YouTube PM

Winners will be announced via our tumblr site on APRIL 12. Thanks and good luck!



Hey guys! So I decided to do yet another giveaway! The New York Comic Con is 2 weeks away and I’m gonna be able to buy all the albums for the winners there!

There will be THREE winners chosen!

1st Place Winner Receives:

- Any 2 K-Pop Albums of their choice!

- Any 2 K-Pop Posters of their choice!

2nd Place Winner Receives:

- Any 1 K-Pop Album of their choice!

- Any 1 K-Pop Poster of their choice!

3rd Place Winner Receives:

- Any 1 K-Pop album or poster of their choice!


1. Like only once. 

2. There is a limit of 10 reblogs per person! The last giveaway I hosted had too much spam.

3. You don’t have to be following me, but I would appreciate if you do!

4. No giveaway blogs. They will not count and you will automatically be disqualified.

5. I’m willing to ship internationally! Everyone should have a chance to enter!

6. If you have any questions about this giveaway, feel free to contact me through my ask box

7. When the winner is being chosen, keep your ask box open so I will be able to contact you if you won!

If you have any questions, a Giveaway FAQ has been set up on my blog!

Giveaway starts: September 30, 2012

Giveaway ends: October 11, 2012 at MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME!

Have fun~! I love you all ^_^

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B.A.P will be coming back with their third single album, ‘Immortal’ in October.

B.A.P - Immortal

1. Immortal.
2. Never Tired.
3. Asleep.
4. Victory!
5. Cheesecake. (Daehyun solo)
6. I say Choco, you say Ice Cream! (Youngjae solo feat. Daehyun)
7. Cherry Tomatoes, Lemons and Steak! (Zelo solo feat. Yongguk and Himchan)
8. Chilli Crab. (Jongup solo feat. Daehyun)
9. Another Comeback?
10. 우리는 휴식이 필요/We need a break. (We’re not actually Immortal)

B.A.P will be promoting three songs at the same time. ‘Never Tired’, ‘Asleep’ and ‘Victory!’. Their title song ‘Never Tired’ is a dance-pop song, about how the members are just never tired. Lyrics written by the B.A.P members, themselves. ‘Asleep’ will be a ballad song alike to ‘What My Heart Tells Me To Do’ in their previous album, ‘No Mercy’. In this song, Daehyun and Youngjae will take the part of rapping, while the other members take the part of singing. ‘Victory’ is a cheerful song, much like ‘Dancing in the Rain’. The song ‘Victory’ tells a story about how the members managed to conquer thousands and thousands of fans’ hearts, therefore, claiming victory.

P.S - If you still don’t realize it… This is a troll post

so is this real or not ??

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